F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

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  2. Creating An Account
  3. Getting Approved To Bid
  4. Bidding
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Q. What is Absentee Bidding? ^

A. Absentee Bidding is the process of placing bids on auction lots before the auction starts. This allows people who would not be able to participate in the live auction itself to still place bids.

These Absentee Bids will automatically be used during the live auction and the EG Auctions software will place the bids for absentee bidders.

Absentee Bids are generally only accepted before the auction starts. Some auctions only accept Absentee Bids and never actually hold a live auction.

Q. How do I place an absentee bid? ^

A. First you must have an account with EG Auctions. Once you have successfully completed the create account process you will then need to Get Approved To Bid in the auction you are interested in. Once you have been approved, navigate to the lot(s) you want to bid on and place your bid.

Q. How do I bid on lots that have a quanity? ^

A. Simply enter the quantity you would like, and place the bid. The bid you place is for each lot, so if you place a bid for 50 with a quantity of 2 you will owe 100.

Q. What is the difference between Live and Absentee Bidding? ^

A. Absentee Bidding is done prior to the actual auction while Live Bidding occurs during the on-site live auction. Live Bidding requires that you are either at the venue of the auction or participating via the Internet by using the online live bidding software to place your bids.

Q. How do I check on my bids? ^

A. You can view your bids by signing into your account and click the appropriate link under Your lots.

Q. Can I undo a bid I've already submitted? ^

A. No, bids placed are final and binding by the terms and conditions of this site.

Q. Can I outbid myself? ^

A. No. If you place one bid and then you place another higher bid the higher bid will simply overwrite your first bid. Note that you can't lower your bid, if you attempt to place a lower bid than one you've already placed the system won't allow you.

Q. Will I get a notification if I am outbid? ^

A. Outbid notification is only available during absentee bidding. If you have been outbid on an lot, you will receive an e-mail notification.